Add a Shared Team Calendar to your SharePoint Site Collection

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SharePoint Hoster and Geek Girl Announce the Bitcoin Revolution Hosting Plan

Details Here

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Huge SharePoint Hosting Spring Savings Event


Take advantage of these incredible SharePoint Hosting Deals in our Spring 2013 Savings Event. Upgrade your Free SharePoint 2013 Site Today for these incredibly low hosting prices.  This offer is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Pay what you want for the SharePoint Hosting Deal that works best for you.

You can Double your storage for as little as $10 per year!

This offer expires May 1st at Midnight so act now and take advantage of everything that SharePoint Foundation 2013 has to offer.

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How do I track my storage usage in SharePoint 2013?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much storage am I using on my SharePoint 2013 site collection?”  When you have a ton of people collaborating on hosted SharePoint, it can be hard to keep track of everything.  SharePoint 2013 has an awesome new feature for SharePoint Site Collection Administrators called Storage Metrics.  These metrics make it easy for you to see where your storage is being used, what files are taking up the most space, and how much space you have left.

storagemetrics1First navigate to the upper right and click site settings.
storagemetrics2Then click Storage Metrics under Site Collection Administration


Once you’re in storage metrics, you can easily see the total size of files and folders, the date things were last modified and the % of the site parent and total quota that each file/folder is currently taking up.  Right now, I don’t really have many large files uploaded to SharePoint, but watch as I upload a very large zip file to the Documents folder:


As you can see, the Documents folder has jumped up in my storage list and is using a lot more of my Quota now that I have uploaded a 90mb zip to the folder.

Remember that you can check out Storage Metrics in our Free SharePoint 2013 Site – we give you 25mb and an unlimited trial.  SharePoint 2013 Hosting Plans start at only $8/month.

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Dutch Language Now Supported in SharePoint 2013

We are pleased to announce that support for the Netherlands Dutch language has been added to our SharePoint Foundation Hosting plans (including the free SharePoint 2013 plan). We also support the French, German, and Spanish language packs on all hosting plans.

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How to save a SharePoint document library as a shared folder on your Desktop like Dropbox or

Dropbox is insanely popular and a great consumer based product, but is not the best suited for business applications.  It’s great to be able to easily add files to a folder and have them sync across devices, computers, and shared with colleagues, but these type of solutions do not give businesses the type of control that they need to administrate their files.  Part of the problem with Dropbox is that the files are stored locally on a machine so there is no way for a business to say fire someone and then revoke all of the files saved locally on that person’s home computers.  It’s a huge security leak.

The great news is that SharePoint can easily do everything that Dropbox (or can and more for a fraction of the price.  This short tutorial video shows off just how easy it is to save SharePoint folders locally to your computer on your desktop or in your MyDocuments folder.  You can easily browser SharePoint folders in the Windows folder and file system and the best part is that SharePoint using authentication and stores the document in the cloud (and not on the local machine) so that security is not an issue.

Dropbox for business with 5 users is $795 per year! that is insane when you can get SharePoint 2013 for as little as $99/year with UNLIMITED users.

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Hosted SharePoint vs. Office 365

There were some well publicized issues  last week the surrounding the SharePoint Online Component of Office 365. As expected, Microsoft is working diligently to address these problems but this has illuminated a very good point about the operational differences between the Office 365 monoculture and traditional hosted SharePoint implementations. The typical hosted SharePoint environment is static and any changes made via hotfixes, service packs, or full version upgrades are carefully examined for potential issues BEFORE installation. In the Office 365 world the approach seems to be – upgrade/patch first THEN triage any problems as the support tickets roll in. While this may be perfectly acceptable for some customers I suspect that most prefer to come in every morning and have their SharePoint environment running exactly the way they left it the night before. I think this “Surprise – your site has been upgraded!” process represents a new variable in the Office 365/SharePoint Online risk analysis equation.

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Getting Started with SharePoint 2013: How to Create a Blog and Post to it

One of the great things that SharePoint 2013 is provide you with an easy way to blog.  You can easily create a Blog site in our SharePoint 2013 hosting site and can get blogging within only a few minutes.  This tutorial video shows you how easy it is to Blog in SharePoint 2013 Foundation.  It covers creating the blog subsite and creating a new post and assigning it a post category.

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How to Enable Anonymous Access in SharePoint 2013

Many of our SharePoint 2013 Hosting plans feature support for anonymous access. Here is how you turn on anonymous access in your SharePoint site collection.


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Getting Started with SharePoint 2013: Designing and Customizing your site

One of the things that everyone wants to do before they deploy SharePoint is to customize it to their business.  SharePoint 2013 makes customization and design easy.  It’s even easier with SharePoint 2013 Designer.  If you don’t have SharePoint Designer, you can download it for free from Microsoft.

For this walkthrough SharePoint guide, I will be customizing my site to better match our business SharePoint Hoster.  Step 1 is to upload our SharePoint Hoster logo to our SharePoint site.  Some site templates have an easy to use bottom right on their homepage:

If you’ve hidden this button or it’s not on your homepage, don’t fear!  You can always access the logo, title and description of your site via the site settings menu:

Click the gear in the top-right corner and then click site settings:

Under Look and Feel, click Title, description and logo.

Now we want to upload a new logo from our computer, so I will click the “From Computer” link.

Now we just have to click the choose file button, find our logo, and click OK a few times to get our new logo onto our SharePoint 2013 Hosting site.


Now the next step is to change the SharePoint theme and customize the colors and look.  This is really easy, just click the the change the look button.

There are a ton of themes to choose from and I like the look of “City” so I’m going to select that sharepoint 2013 theme template to start.

I love the font and background of these theme, but I’m going to take some times to adjust the colors and site layout.  When you’ve fiddled with all the option and want to see a live preview, click the Try It button.  You will then get a live preview of your SharePoint 2013 hosted site and can decide to keep the changes or go back and tweak them even further.  When you’ve got your site looking spiffy, click keep it.

There you have it! an awesome customized SharePoint 2013 hosted site.  Stay tuned for more tutorials and guides, or let us know what questions/tutorials you need below.

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