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Free SharePoint 2013 Preview

SharePoint Hoster is proud to offer a FREE Preview of SharePoint 2013.  Please keep in mind that this product is currently in Beta from Microsoft and is not production ready.  This preview should only be used as a test site and sample of what SharePoint 2013 Foundation will offer.  Please note that we are not providing any support for this preview of the SharePoint 2013 beta and will not be backing up any of the data stored on these sites.

By requesting a free SharePoint 2013 Preview plan you are agreeing in full to our Acceptable Use Policy – SharePoint Hoster reserves the right to refuse a free Sharepoint 2013 preview to anyone.  To ensure that you receive your free hosting credentials, seek please fill out the sign-up form as completely as possible.  It is recommended that you do not use a yahoo.com email address.  All suspicious or spam requests for SharePoint 2013 will be ignored.