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SharePoint 2010 Foundation Hosting & Windows 7 Phone Support

Since our post on the Windows 7 phone and the strict requirements and SharePoint settings necessary to get it to work, we have gotten a ton of questions about Windows 7 Phone and how people can get it to work with our free or paid plans.    Here are some answers to some of these Windows 7 Phone related questions.

1. How can I get my Windows 7 Phone to work with SharePoint Hoster’s Free or Multi-tenant Hosting plans?

The short answer is that Windows 7 Phone can access any of our SharePoint 2010 sites through the browser without any issues.  However, SharePoint Mobile Workspace does not work with any of our low-cost plans because of Microsoft’s strict requirements. Basically, we would need to completely redesign our SharePoint 2010 server farm in order to comply with Windows 7 Phone’s requirements to get SharePoint Mobile Workspace working.  This is just not feasible for our free and low-cost SharePoint 2010 hosting plans.

2. Is there any way that SharePoint Hoster can get my Windows 7 Phone and SharePoint Mobile Workspace working with my site?

Yes! If you are adamant about getting the full Windows 7 Phone SharePoint experience, we can design you a custom dedicated SharePoint 2010 Foundation Environment that will allow you to connect with SharePoint Mobile Workspace.  While purchasing your own dedicated SharePoint Hosting plan is more expensive than our multi-tenant plans – it gives you the flexibility to add additional features and customized options in addition to the Windows 7 Phone support.  You can build your own SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard or Enterprise environment with the exact feature set and security settings that you are looking for.  If you are interested in developing your own sandbox SharePoint 2010 solutions, please contact us about our dedicated hosting options.

3. How much does it cost to get a dedicated SharePoint 2010 hosting plan that supports Windows 7 Phone?

We create custom quotes tailored to your exact requirements, but our dedicated hosting plans start at $399/month.

We hope that these questions help clear up the current Windows 7 Phone picture here at SharePoint Hoster.  We will continue to look into Win 7 Phone support and will announce any further developments on our blog.  In the meantime, you can contact us for a dedicated hosting quote or wait for Microsoft’s Office 365 to get SharePoint Mobile workspace up and running on your Win7 Phone.

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