The Limitations of our Free Hosting Plan

Our Free SharePoint 2010 Offering has been more successful than we could have anticipated. We are very happy that so many new people are getting a chance to explore and experiment with a Free Version of SharePoint 2010 Foundation.  Now seemed like a good time to talk about the limitations of our Free SharePoint plan and answer some of the frequently asked questions about Free SharePoint 2010 Hosting.

Our Free SharePoint Hosting plan is limited by users and storage.  We provision only 10MB and allow only 3 users for any Free Site.  The purpose of the free hosting plan is to allow people to experiment and play around with SharePoint – not to use it as a business solution.  The Free Plan has all of SharePoint 2010 Foundation’s  features except for Anonymous Access and SharePoint Designer.  If you are looking to use SharePoint Designer or have a public facing website with Anonymous Access, you will need to be on a Paid Hosting Plan.

The Final Limitation of the Free Hosting Plan is that it sits on an entirely different server farm and webapp that does not support Anonymous Access and SP Designer. If you want these 2 features and purchase a hosting plan, we will have to create a new site for you.  We can upgrade your Free Hosting account in size/users if your site structure is very important to you but cannot enable Anonymous or Designer.  Obviously this is a problem, but the point is that the Free Hosting Plan is a limited free offering. If you really want to demo our services and start building out your SharePoint sites for your Business, you should sign up for a free trial of one of our hosting plans.

We offer 30 Day Free Trials on all our Hosting Plans so that you can trial our service and get started build out your SharePoint site.  Our 30 Day Free Trials have Anonymous Access and SharePoint Designer enabled and give you the necessary space and users to harness SharePoint 2010 Foundation for your business solutions.  All of our free trials and paid hosting plans are completely scalable; you can easily add more space and users to any plan at any time.  Most of our plans are month to month and do not require a long term commitment.

If you have used SharePoint before and are looking to evaluate SharePoint Hoster’s service, do yourself a favor and sign-up for a free trial.  Our Free Trials do require that you have a credit card, but offer at least 10 times more storage than our Free SharePoint Plan.  Remember that you can cancel your 3o Day Free Trial at any time.  If you are more comfortable with our free SharePoint hosting plan and are okay with potentially losing a meager 10MB of work to get ANON and SP Designer, sign-up for the free plan and purchase a fully featured SharePoint Foundation site when you are ready.

If you have any more questions, please contact us or click the live chat button at the top of our site to talk with a representative.

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