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What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Preview for Developers

We are currently offering a Free SharePoint 2013 Preview, but what exactly are the new features in SharePoint 2013?

Appstore? I though this was Microsoft not Apple!

That’s right! SharePoint 2013 has an App Catalog and SharePoint Store built right into the interface where you can easily download and install apps into your SharePoint 2013 Hosted sites.  SharePoint 2013 Preview introduces a brand new way to create cloud apps. Apps for SharePoint are self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website. An app may include SharePoint components such as lists, workflows, and site pages, but it can also surface a remote web application and remote data in SharePoint. An app has few or no dependencies on any other software on the device or platform where it is installed, other than what is built into the platform. This characteristic enables apps to be installed simply and uninstalled cleanly. Apps have no custom code that runs on the SharePoint servers. Instead, all custom logic moves “up” to the cloud or “down” to client computers.

Apps for SharePoint  SharePoint Store  App Catalog

SharePoint 2013 makes Web Development Easier!

SharePoint 2013 Preview makes it easy for any web developer to create SharePoint solutions by including more common web standards like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

HTML/JavaScript  OData  REST  OAuth

Core SharePoint Platform Improvements

On a broader scale, SharePoint 2013 Preview has been improved and enhanced to support the new cloud-based architecture and app-driven development framework. From the SharePoint APIs at the lowest level to connectivity to social media integration, SharePoint 2013 Preview is designed and executed to support a rich application development experience. In addition to the use of Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoints for web services, there is a broad new API for both server and client development. Remote event receivers and now supported in addition to client-side rendering.

REST endpoints  New client and server APIs  Client-side rendering  Remote event receivers

Social and Collaboration Features are still the heart of SharePoint 2013

New and improved social and collaboration features make it easy for users to communicate. The improved My Site social feed helps users keep up to date with the people and content that they care about. The new Community Site feature provides a rich community experience that lets users easily find and share information and find people who have similar interests.

Interactive feed  Community site  Follow people  Follow sites

Improved SharePoint Search

Search functionality in SharePoint 2013 Preview includes several enhancements, custom content processing with the Content Enrichment web service, and a new framework for presenting search result types. Additionally, there have been significant enhancements made to the keyword query language (KQL).

Consolidated search platform  Rich results framework  KQL enhnacements

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