About SharePoint Hoster

SharePoint Hoster is run by a dedicated team of experienced certified Microsoft professionals. Everything is designed to provide the best experience for hosting Sharepoint in a fast and reliable manner. Our company headquarters is locatedd in Philadelphia and our entire staff is based in the United States.

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With over 10 years of SharePoint Hosting experience, sharepointhoster.com is your provider of choice for reliable SharePoint 2010 Hosting Services. Our broad industry knowledge and deep technical expertise make our SharePoint Foundation 2010 hosting plans the best value on the web. Give us a try with our no obligation 30 day free trial and start unlocking the power of SharePoint 2010 without the hassle and expense of maintaining your own server.

Company Background

SharepointHoster.Com is a Microsoft Hosting Partner that specializes in SharePoint 2010 solutions. We focus on a reliable hosting infrastructure while applying our Microsoft expertise to make sure your server is stable, secure and highly available.

Our two data center locations are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania approximately 15 miles apart.  One facility is owned and operated by Equinix http://www.equinix.com/data-center-locations/map/equinix-north-america/philadelphia-data-center and the other located in the Philadelphia Technology Park www.philadelphiatechnologypark.com

We standardize our offerings on Microsoft software and Dell hardware and maintain an active relationship with their enterprise sales and support teams in order to ensure we are staying up to date with the latest software, server and storage technologies.  Since we standardize on Dell hardware throughout our infrastructure we maintain a supply of Dell spare parts including disks, memory, and power supplies.

Tactical Value to Customers

SharePointHoster.Com focuses on customer driven solutions based on SharePoint 2010.  Our promise as a service provider is to present our clients a seamless and unified experience accessing their SharePoint-based solution.  The foundation of our promise is built on the SharePoint experience and our six core competencies we leverage to help implement the right solution for each client.  Our foundation of experience and services includes:

  1. SharePoint Implementation Expertise: We have worked with Microsoft SharePoint since its initial release in 2001. Because of our dedicated focus on SharePoint solutions we are uniquely qualified to optimally configure your servers to the best practices we have gathered over the last 10 years.
  2. Software Licensing & Compliance: As a Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement) we provide compliant licensing solutions for our customers seeking a monthly licensing alternative from a hosting provider.
  3. Data Center & Infrastructure: We have a two data center footprint– both highly secure, SAS 70 facilities.  One facility is owned by Equinix and the other is operated by Philadelphia Technology Park and originally built for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
  4. Network & Security Services: We have access to nearly every major internet provider in our facilities. We currently use InterNAP connectivity at Equinix and a similar blend of providers at PTP meshed into a single customer facing network.
  5. Data Protection & Offsite DR: We excel in Microsoft-centric data protection and SharePoint in particular.  We have our own disk-based backup infrastructure allowing customer data snap-shots and offsite replication
  6. Ongoing Technical Support and Solution Lifecycle Management: We maintain a world class support infrastructure – allowing customer to have direct relationships with our engineers and supplying tutorial content to their end users.  We also provide dedicated support to IT departments, interfacing with their requirements from a SharePoint standpoint and unifying the customer support experience.