Announcing the SharePoint Hoster Virtual Appliance

Our SharePoint 2010 virtual appliance features an affordable way to get the features commonly associated with a dedicated server environment including:

– RDP access to SharePoint Central Administration
– Third Party Web Parts Installable on Server
– Configurable sent from/reply to email settings with private SMTP instance
– Restricted Access to site from a finite set of IP addresses or IP address ranges
– Can be setup as SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Enterprise
– Email Enabled document libraries supported
– Allow upload of restricted files like .MDB, .ZIP, and .HTA
– Support for large SharePoint lists and queries with high number of columns
– Forced HTTPS connections
– Install SSL certificates for any top level domain
– Business Connectivity Services
– Snapshot entire SharePoint Web Front End virtual machine for simplified rollback and recovery operations
– Offsite backup of entire machine image and SharePoint content database
– Can be configured in Automatic User Account Creation Mode (Foundation Only)
– Great for development or test environments and can be easily converted to on premise deployment at any time

No Setup Fees/No Long Term Contract

SharePoint Foundation Virtual Appliance: $249/month

SharePoint Enterprise Virtual Appliance $499/month plus $7 per user/per month (includes self-service password administration tool for all user accounts)

You can learn more about our Virtual Appliance and other Dedicated Server offerings, by visiting our new Dedicated Hosting Page.

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