Getting Started with your Free SharePoint 2013 Foundation Site

After signing up for a free site and confirming your email, you will be entered into our queue.  We look over every free SharePoint 2013 request so it can take up to 24 hours to send out your credentials.  Be sure to setup your email to receive emails from  When your site is provisioned you will get an email that reads as follows:

Your Site information is as follows:

Server URL:

User Name: SPHusername

Password: passwordhere (Case Sensitive)

Thanks for your interest in this exciting new offering. The SharePoint Hoster Team

After receiving this email, you are all set to start exploring your free SharePoint 2013 site. Logging into your Site: Type or click your server URL in your provisioning email to visit your SharePoint 2013 site.  You should be prompted for your username and password: If this login pop-up does not appear, you have some local browser settings that are blocking the login prompt. If you have a problem at this point, please visit our support desk now. If you can successfully login, you should be greeted with this homepage: Create a Document Library SharePoint is very useful for storing and tracking all of your business documents in a secure way.  SharePoint 2013, makes it easier then ever to upload documents.

There are 2 easy ways to upload documents to your Shared Document Libraries.

1. Click add new document, browse and find your file, click open and ok.

2. Simply drag and drop your files onto the browser in the library that you want them to be stored.

Edit Links and SharePoint Menus

Similarly, you can edit the menus and links in a SharePoint 2013 site by clicking on the edit links button and then typing in your urls or simply dragging and dropping links into the menu of your choice.

If you still have questions about SharePoint 2013 or are looking for a video tutorial, please visit and suggest a topic.

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