How to create a new web page for a SharePoint 2013 site

This short tutorial shows you how to create a new web page in SharePoint 2013 for your intranet or internet public facing website.

First navigate to the upper right and click the gear to open up the menu.


Click on the Add a Page button in SharePoint.

add a new sharepoint page

Type in the name of your new web page and click the create button

add a new sharepoint 2013 page


After clicking the create new webpage button, you will be taken to your new SharePoint Webpage.  You can edit and modify it by using the SharePoint ribbon.


create your sharepoint page

Type all of your page information in the Edit Item Area to create and design your SharePoint 2013 web page.  You can use all of the tools that you are familiar with from Microsoft Word.  Type your text, insert pictures or hyperlinks and format your webpage as you see fit.
save your new sharepoint 2013 pageWhen you’re finished with your new web page, be sure to click the save button in the upper left corner of the ribbon. This will save all of your changes to your SharePoint webpage and take you to the page:

what is my sharepoint page URL To see the unique URL of your new webpage, simply highlight the header.  You can right click and copy the link or copy it from your address bar and then add it to your SharePoint menu structure or email it to colleagues.

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