How to save a SharePoint document library as a shared folder on your Desktop like Dropbox or

Dropbox is insanely popular and a great consumer based product, but is not the best suited for business applications.  It’s great to be able to easily add files to a folder and have them sync across devices, computers, and shared with colleagues, but these type of solutions do not give businesses the type of control that they need to administrate their files.  Part of the problem with Dropbox is that the files are stored locally on a machine so there is no way for a business to say fire someone and then revoke all of the files saved locally on that person’s home computers.  It’s a huge security leak.

The great news is that SharePoint can easily do everything that Dropbox (or can and more for a fraction of the price.  This short tutorial video shows off just how easy it is to save SharePoint folders locally to your computer on your desktop or in your MyDocuments folder.  You can easily browser SharePoint folders in the Windows folder and file system and the best part is that SharePoint using authentication and stores the document in the cloud (and not on the local machine) so that security is not an issue.

Dropbox for business with 5 users is $795 per year! that is insane when you can get SharePoint 2013 for as little as $99/year with UNLIMITED users.

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