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SharePoint Hoster is simply the best value in hosting around. We are so confident in our 10 years of experience and approach that we offer a Price Match Guarantee for all of our dedicated SharePoint customers. If you know what you need, there's no reason you shouldn't be filling out this quick form to get a free SharePoint hosting quote.

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SharePoint 2010 Foundation

If you’re new to SharePoint 2010, Foundation will serve all of your basic needs at an incredibly low cost. Start collaborating in our SharePoint Cloud today! You’ll be creating project sites, indexing business documents and data, and collaborating in Office documents in no time with SharePoint. We have a variety of hosting plans ranging in storage and users, but remember that these plans can always be upgraded and are built to grow with you. Foundation is a great place to get started and starts as low as $8.25/month.

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Shared Enterprise 2010 Hosting

We have engineered a special multitenant instance of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. This is a great low-cost way to get most of the power of Enterprise edition without the cost of a fully dedicated server. Please keep in mind that while most of the great enterprise level features like wikis, ratings, infopath, and advanced wep parts are all available – there are many enterprise features which simply do not work in a shared environment. Get a free 30 Day Trial to see if Enterprise will work for you. It’s only $99/month.

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SharePoint 2010 Server

Low cost shared plans are a great way to get started with SharePoint 2010, but are often limiting for larger businesses or more experienced SharePoint users. To get the most from your SharePoint 2010 hosting farm, you likely need a server infrastructure custom designed to meet your company’s needs. Best part is that we will are so confident in our dedicated hosting offerings that we offer Price Match Guarantee, so that you know you’re always getting the best deal at SharePoint Hoster. Dedicated Plans start as low as $249/month.

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