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We're pretty great... seriously though nobody beats our SharePoint professionals. Our core team members have been focusing on SharePoint since it's original release over 10 years ago. We're based in the USA and specialize in SharePoint Server Hosting. Our Data Center is world-class and we are an incredible value.

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Shared resources and multi-tenant plans are not appropriate for everyone To get the most from your SharePoint 2010 hosting farm, your business may need server infrastructure custom designed to meet your business demands. Did I mention that all our dedicated plans are backed by a Price Match Guarantee? Yeah, we’re cool like that.

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Are you confused about SharePoint 2010 and all the different editions and features? Check out this huge page that lays out all the feature of SharePoint 2010 and compares them across Microsoft’s 3 different versions. If you have any doubts about what version you need, don’t hesitate to chat with us. We know SharePoint.

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