SharePoint 2010 has a bunch of features and this matrix can be overwhelming. If you're new to SharePoint, Foundation will probably meet most of your needs. But if you have a project and feature set in mind, you know what's easier than going through all of SharePoint's features? Telling us what you need and getting a free quote. We'll customize your SharePoint 2010 Server to exactly what you need.

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Compare Sharepoint 2010 Editions

Review the features below to help you decide which edition of SharePoint 2010 is right for your business. Please keep in mind that our low-cost multi-tenant environment of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise does not have all of the Enterprise features active. Features like PowerPivot, Access Services, Excel Services, etc. are very resource intensive and only work in a dedicated environment.

The feature comparison between Foundation, Server Standard and Server Enterprise revolves around Microsoft’s 6 pillars of SharePoint 2010:

  1. Insights- Make informed business decisions (Business Intelligence)
  2. Communities- Empower people to work together (Social Networking)
  3. Composites- Create dynamic business solutions (Workflows and more)
  4. Content- Manage the content creation lifecycle (ECM)
  5. Search- Find people and information anywhere
  6. Sites- Share information seamlessly with employees, customers and partners

Please note that in the comparison table below you can highlight over the description or video icon to see a description of the feature. Clicking on the Video Icons will show you a video demonstrating that particular SharePoint Feature. Get it?

Feature Description Foundation Standard Enterprise
Discussion Forums
SharePoint Lists
Photos and Presence
SharePoint Timer Jobs
Ask Me About
Multilingual User Interface
Colleague Suggestions
Colleagues Network
Enterprise Wikis
Keyword Suggestions
My Newsfeed
My Sites: Personal Profiles
My Content
Note Board
Organization Browser
Recent Activities
Social Bookmarks
Status Updates
Tag Clouds
Tag Profiles
Streamlined Central Administration
Business Connectivity Services
BCS: Profile Pages
BCS: Web Parts
BCS: Microsoft Office
Browser Based Customizations
Sandbox Solutions
Support for Office Web Apps
Visual Upgrade
Unattached Content Database Recovery
SharePoint Designer: Customization
SharePoint Designer: Workflows
Access Web Services
InfoPath Forms Services
SharePoint Designer: Workflows
Microsoft Office Integration
Compliance Everywhere
Document Sets
Metadata Driven Navigation
Basic Sorting
Click Through Relevancy
Multistage Disposition
Managed Metadata Service
Shared Content Types
Content Organizer
Unique Document IDs
Word Automation Services
SharePoint Health Analyzer
Business Data Web Parts
Chart Web Parts
Data Connection Library
Excel Services
Excel PowerPivot
Perfomance Point Services
Visio Services
Site Search
Best Bets
Duplicate Detection
Federated Search
Mobile Search Experience
People and Expertise Search
Phoenetics and Nickname Search
Query Suggestions and Related Queries
Recently Authored Content
Relevancy Tuning
Search Scopes
Search Connector Framework
Enterprise Scale Search
Windows PowerShell Support
Advanced Content Processing
Calculated Key Performance Indicators
Rich Web Indexing
Tunable Relevance with Multiple Rank Profiles
Similar Results
Extreme Scale Search
Thumbnails and Previews
Visual Best Bets
Cross-Browser Support
Easy User Interface: Ribbon
Mobile Connectivity
Out of the Box Web Parts
SharePoint Workspace
Audience Targeting
Silverlight Web Part
Developer Dashboard
Event Receivers
Windows 7 Support
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for SharePoint

So in Conclusion…

Look, if you’re new to SharePoint it’s very likely that SharePoint 2010 Foundation has more than enough features for you and is a much cheaper option. You can check out our prices and even sign-up for a free trial here. That being said, if you’re an IT Professional or are looking for more control, customization, and development features, SharePoint Server and Enterprise are certainly more robust options. If you know what you want, it’s really easy to get a price and quote from us. We’d be happy to help you figure out exactly what type of SharePoint hosting configuration would work best for you.