Q: What version of SharePoint are the hosting plans based on?

A: All plans use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 Foundation unless noted otherwise.

Q: Do you offer a free Sharepoint 2010 Hosting trial?

A:  Yes! Qualified customers can request a free trial of our server-based products here. Please be sure to fill out all the information accurately. You must confirm your email address before your account can be setup.

Q: Do I have to provide a credit card or other billing information for the free trial?

A: Nope. No Credit Card is required.

Q:  Are there any requirements to receive a free trial of SharePoint 2010 server?

A:  Yes. We require a confirmed e-mail address, name, telephone number, and ask a few simple questions. We reserve the right to deny a free trial to people who do not fill out their information accurately or who do not appear to be legitimate.

Q: How long does it take to set up my Free SharePoint Trial once I signup and confirm my email?

A:  Please give us 24 hours to set up your SharePoint Free Trial. If after 24 hours you have not received the credentials to login to your site, please check your spam folder for any emails from ‘donotreply@sharepointhoster.com.’ If there is no email then please contact us via the website.

Q: How long does it take to set up my SharePoint environment once I purchase a plan?

A:  Please give us 12-24 hours to set up your SharePoint Hosting Plan. If you order Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm EST, your wait time will likely be only a few hours.

Q: What happens to my data when I have a free Sharepoint 2010 trial and decide to purchase a hosting plan?

A:  All of your data stays intact and we upgrade your existing site with more storage space, user capacity, and other addons and features.

Q: How do I purchase Sharepoint 2010 Hosting, or upgrade my free Sharepoint trial server? How long will it take?

A: Simply visit our Sharepoint Pricing page and click any of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons to be taken to our secure checkout. It only takes a few minutes to put in your information and confirm your purchase.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A: All major credit cards, money orders, PayPal, personal and business checks.

Q: What are the main differences between your plans?

A: Plans differ primarily by storage capacity and user licenses.  Any of our representatives can provide a detailed comparison between two plans or a competing offer from another provider.

Q: What about Microsoft Exchange for e-mail?

A:  If you have your e-mail hosted by another provider or internally you can still use our services.   Many providers co-market Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint together.  This is typically why you will hear about them as one product, but they are completely independent products and can function independent of each other.

Q:  Who typically purchases your services and for what type of projects?

A:  The power of SharePoint is collaboration, and the power of using our services is the ability to grant access to diverse groups of users especially those external to your organization while still maintaining all the security you need.  You can use the Internet as an extension of your office and business with SharePoint.   Some IT departments recommend our services because our environment is outside of the corporate network.  This makes it easier to cross boundaries such as corporate firewalls and other security rules which make collaboration inherently more complex or difficult.

Q:  What file formats can I upload to my SharePoint site?

A:  You may upload any type of file you choose by modifying the allowed file extensions on your SharePoint server. By default you may upload many commonly used file extensions such all those used by Microsoft Office and other common programs.

Q:  What is the maximum file size I can upload to my SharePoint site?

A:  The default settings of our servers can handle file sizes of up to 100MB.  Your ability to successfully upload a large file is also dependent on the outbound (upload) internet connection speed of your ISP.

Q: What type of Internet Connection do I need to get the most out of the service?

A:  The higher speed of your internet connection the more efficient your use of the site will be.  Remember that if you are in a small office with many people sharing the same internet connection any website will be slower.

Q:  How can I limit access to some areas while allowing access to other information (lists, documents and libraries)?

A: SharePoint permissions are flexible.  You can even have document level permissions.  If you want to restrict a particular area more so than others you enable what is called Unique Permissions for this area.  Once you have configured Unique Permissions, selected/added the groups or users, and modified their permissions in this area, you will have successfully limited or granted access to the area in question.  There is more information on this topic and others via our http://blog.sharepointhosting.com site – see the Screencast Tutorials.

Q: What Web Browsers does the service support?

A: SharePoint supports access from a variety of Web Browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera.  While Sharepoint 2010 works in nearly every browser, Microsoft has identified several limitations. Not all SharePoint features and Microsoft Office integration features function the same way when you use a browser other than Internet Explorer 8.  If you are branding the look and feel of your SharePoint site be sure to check it in each browser to ensure proper rendering.  Below is a chart which best describes Web Browser compatibility with SharePoint. You can learn more about different browser and operating system limitations by reading this article by Microsoft.

Q:  What version of Microsoft Office is recommended for use with the service?

A:  The newer your version of Microsoft office is the better the integration experience will be between the hosted application and your client software running on your local PC.

Q: How secure are the services?

A: Our data centers are extremely secure and we use leading edge firewall and IDS systems to protect the SharePoint farm.

Q: Can I use SharePoint Designer with the service?

A: Yes you can use SharePoint Designer with our services.

Q: How many web parts are included?

A:  All standard SharePoint 2010 Foundation web parts are included.

Q: What does daily backup mean?

A:  As part of our Disaster Recovery plan we back up your SharePoint site collection every evening using a 3 set rotation schedule.

Q: What type of data center infrastructure do you have?  Is it certified?

A: Our data center is a  SAS 70 II compliant facility containing only the best security, power, UPS, generation, cooling and fire detection and suppression systems.  Our switching fabric and bandwidth is optimized for low latency and the highest levels of worldwide availability.

Q: When do you do maintenance?

A:  We do maintenance on as needed basis and during our regular scheduled maintenance windows.  Our scheduled maintenance windows are during off hours / non-business hours and on the weekends.  

Q: What if I am unhappy with the service?

A:  We will work diligently to resolve any issues that you experience, however if you are still not 100% satisfied you may terminate your plan at anytime.  There is NO contract or long term commitment. In month to month hosting you benefit from flexibility and can cancel at any time.

Q: Do you have a reseller program and I can resell your service?

A:  We have  an affiliate program through Plimus. Please contact us for more information.

Q:  What makes you different from other companies that offer hosted SharePoint?

A: We specialize in SharePoint 2010 and are one of the few Sharepoint Hosting companies that even offer the newest version of Sharepoint.  More importantly, unlike many other hosting companies we focus exclusively on Sharepoint 2010.

Q:  What other services do you provide?

A: We focus soley on Sharepoint 2010 Hosting, but have partnered with Access Hosting to offer Access 2010 Web Services (which is part of the Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise offering). If you are interested in utilizing Access 2010 Web Capabilities but are not in the market for a costly Sharepoint dedicated solution, check out Access Hosting. They offer basic Sharepoint functionality along with the power of Access 2010 Web Services.

Q:  What if my question hasn’t been answered here?

A: You can check our Blog posts for other Frequently Asked Questions. We are always expanding our FAQ and if you question is not answered on our blog, please contact us.