What are Microsoft BPOS & SharePoint Online's Limitations?

We often get asked what the difference is between Microsoft’s SharePoint Online Service and our own SharePoint 2010 Offerings.  First and foremost, Microsoft Online Services current version of SharePoint is only 2007 whereas we ONLY offer SharePoint 2010 Hosting.  Our focus on SharePoint 2010 makes us the best choice to host your SharePoint 2010 Site.

Of course, Microsoft will eventually upgrade their SharePoint Online offering to 2010 with their recently announced Office365.  Don’t let Office365 or Microsoft’s BPOS offering entice you too much.  Both products have significant limitations (and you won’t be up and running on SP 2010 until sometime in 2011).  BPOS and Microsoft’s Office365 will both be solid offerings for small startups that need email, some SharePoint, and Lync for meetings.  It’s a great deal for a smaller team with only a few users.  There’s even a great deal out there where you can buy BPOS from MOS Experts and get FREE SharePoint 2010 Hosting !

WARNING – failure to read and think through the following may cost you and your company substantially.

But that won’t work for everyone and can be downright expensive if you are a larger team or business.  Let’s say you and your company has 20 team members that need to use SharePoint 2010.  Microsoft Online will charge you $5/month per user to user SharePoint Online….that’s $100/month. Not too bad, except when you take into account that SharePoint Hoster can give you 50 Users for less than $30/month! Can you imagine if you had 50 employees using Microsoft’s SharePoint Online? SharePoint Hoster could save you $220 per month…that’s over $2600 in Savings for the year!

If that annual savings isn’t enough incentive, take into account the limitations of BPOS and Microsoft Online’s Office 365 and be sure to do your due diligence. яндекс

Features NOT Available in Microsoft BPOS (or Office365):

  1. Anonymous users supported
  2. UI enhancements
  3. Server control
  4. Customization
  5. 3rd party web parts installations
  6. Unlimited user account creation with NO additional fees
  7. Daily site backups
  8. FTP Access to your site backups
  9. Custom domain names supported
  10. Dedicated solution for any number of users

And yes, those are all features that are supported by your best choice for SharePoint 2010 Hosting, SharePointHoster.com

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  1. Any more thoughts now that Office 365 has launched?

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