What Is SharePoint Foundation Exactly?

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Hosting prepares groups and business units of all sizes to upgrade profit and expand the effectiveness of business methodologies. SharePoint Foundation gives you a weighty toolset for composing info, operating reports, and giving vigorous collaboration environments.  It provides all the basic features and core collaboration features of SharePoint, but does not include more advanced Enterprise options.

Our SharePoint Foundation Hosting helps teams stay connected and productive by providing a hosted environment that allows easy access to the people, documents, and information. With SharePointHoster, teams can create websites to share information and collaborate with other users. You can access content stored within a SharePoint site from a web browser and through desktop applications, such as Office.

Group Collaboration and Sharing

SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication, and documents. The sites facilitate team participation in discussions, shared document collaboration, blogging, building knowledge bases using wikis, and surveys. The document collaboration features allow for easy check-in and checkout of documents, document version control, and recovery of previous versions, as well as document-level security.

A SharePoint site can have many subsites, the hierarchy of which, on web servers, resembles the hierarchy of folders on file systems—it is a tree-like structure. Similar to storing your files in folders on file systems, you can store your files online in the cloud on SharePoint sites. However, SharePoint sites take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration and making it easy for users to work together on documents, tasks, contacts, events, calendars, wikis, and other items. This team collaboration environment can increase individual and team productivity greatly.

The collaborative tools provided by SharePoint Foundation are easy to use, so you can share files and information and communicate with your coworkers more effectively. You can create and use SharePoint Hoster for any purpose. For example, you can build a site to serve as the primary website for a team, create a site to facilitate the organization of a meeting, or create a wiki site to capture team knowledge. A typical SharePoint site might include a variety of useful tools and information, such as shared document libraries, contacts, calendars, task lists, discussions, and other information-sharing and visualization tools.

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